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December 1, 2022
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Buganda Kingdom Raises 300m Shillings To Refurbish Kabaka Muteesa’s Rolls-Royce

Buganda Kingdom’s Katikkiro Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga has come to reveal how the Kingdom managed to raise 300m shillings to refurbish the Rolls-Royce that belonged to Kabaka Muteesa II.

The car was recently returned to the Kingdom by the central government.

The fundraiser took place at the Kingdom’s offical palace in Bulange, Mengo.

According to the Katikkiro, having this car running again on the road is a symbol of Buganda’s history.

“300m shillings has been raised to reconstruct the Rolls-Royce car that was recently returned which belonged to Ssekabaka Muteesa II.

This fundraiser took place at the Butikkiro at Mengo and was spearheaded by the chairman of the committee, John Fred Kiyimba Freeman.

Refurbishing this car and putting it on the road again in a proper condition is one of the things that signifies Buganda’s history and respect.

I’m grateful tp each one of you for the undying love for Buganda,” the Katikkiro said.

This Rolls-Royce car was ransacked by Gen Idi Amin on the orders of the then president, Milton Obote.

It was however not the only one as the Kabaka had a collection of about 4 of them.

All these were confiscated and the three disappeared mysteriously although one is said to have been sold to a South African although it’s whereabouts are untraceable.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom V which was taken to Uganda museum after languishing at State house compound during the Amin regime was handed over by the government a while ago.

This move was greatly appreciated amongst the Buganda faithful as it brought about both good and sad memories.

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