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Hon Betty Nambooze explains why CMI boss Kandiho was sanctioned by the US

Mukono municipality MP Hon Betty Nambooze has come out to explain why she thinks CMI boss Abel Kandiho was sanctioned by the US.

According to Nambooze, relations between Uganda and the US might be strained.

However, America feels indebted to Uganda for the small favors the East African country usually offers to the US.

America therefore decided to express its disgruntlement by banning Kandiho and slapping him with financial restrictions.

“I have a feeling relations are strained between Uganda and USA, but America is indebted to Uganda because of several favours, such as going to Somalia.

They have decided to show their disgruntlement through Maj. Gen. Kandiho,” Nambooze said.

Hon Nambooze also said that the US has imposed herself as the international Police adding that even them as Opposition, they always run there to report the government in case they have issues with the central government.

“America has imposed as the international police. Not to lie, we also go there and report, and things change for the better when we do. America is one of the countries that fund this state. It is the right place to report. I went there when I was beaten, and my back was broken.

Political analyst Charles Rwomushana wondered why it was not the Minister of Foreign Affairs Gen Jeje Odong addressing Kandiho’s sanctions and rather the UPDF spokesperson Brig Flavia Byekwaso.

Rwomushana also wondered why these sanctions have come at a time after Uganda went to fight in Congo.

He added that Museveni said there are many actors in Congo and the US could be one of them trying to retaliate Museveni’s intervention.

Rwomushana also said that the US wants to remove Museveni in Gaddafi style and that’s why they are trying to isolate him internationally because his relationship with North Korea worries them.

Former presidential candidate Abed Bwanika also revealed how they used to run to the US for help until he realized that it was after its own missions in Uganda.

“We used to cry to America to help us. We even went there until I realized they have their own mission. However, this is a warning to people in office to be cautious. Maj. Gen Kandiho has been put in detention as per the sanctions by the USA. We will eventually find out why. This is not a move to help Uganda,” Bwanika said.

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