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Former Police chief curses working for Uganda Police

Afande Sam Omara who is now a retired Police officer has come out to say that he greatly feels heartbroken for never being appreciated for his efforts to save this government that was going to collapse.

Omara rose to fame during the famous Walk to Work protests headed by Dr Kiiza Besigye in 2011-12.

A teary Omara while appearing on one of the local media stations said that if it wasn’t for him and other gallant workaholics like the late AIGP Felix Kaweesi, the current government wouldn’t be standing.

“The Uganda Police was very disjointed at the time, enemies of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) were so many at the time and if we did not stand on two legs to say NO, this government would have collapsed at that time,” Omara says.

He adds that the passion and dedication he put into his job was worth ‘political delightment’ but he has not been recognized.

Omara also recalls when he had to spend 7 days in the cold outside Besigye’s gate to prevent him from going to the city to cause chaos but all the praises and applauds would go to his bosses especially Gen Kale Kayihura.

“I was a real fighter but they did not remember any of my efforts. I
used to work but the credit would always go to my bosses. I slept at Besigye’s gate for 7 days during the ‘Walk to Work ‘ protests but none of that was remembered,” he adds.

The senior retired Police Officer also says that his job in the force was a “job beyond salary” with a lot of challenges where he could easily be tempted to be compromised and take a bribe.

He however didn’t because he thought that he was serving a regime that would appreciate him.

He also recalls an incident when Opposition politicians tried to bribe him with 200 million shillings to leave the Walk to Work protests.

He however reported this case to his then boss Kale Kayihura.

“I told Kayihura about these people but he did not give me a conclusive answer and when I realized that he was still not decisive, I said NO to the offer and made it difficult for them. I continued with my work,” he further says.

He believes that things could have been different had Kayihura told the President about this incident

Omara says “Maybe he did not want to build my name, Police officers were known to be corrupt but I said no to 200m shillings. I believe the President would have gratified me but I blame Kayihura. “

Omara who is now 61 years old says that he’s currently engaged in his private ventures but he’s proud of the years he served the country and Police force.

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