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May 19, 2024
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The first lady will meet the MPs whether they want or not – Thomas Tayebwa

The government chief whip Thomas Tayebwa has come out to say that the meeting between the minister of Education and Sports Janet Kataaha Museveni and the MPS will go ahead as scheduled whether they want or not.

Tayebwa says that these MPs just made a fracas out of nothing.

He went ahead to say that the MPS could have met in their caucuses to discuss the Ministry’s agenda on the reopening of schools.

The Minister however wanted a forum where they could all meet and discuss freely.

“This is causing a storm in a teacup. The thing is, you were invited to a meeting if you want to come, come and if you dont want, don’t come.

We could have just met in our caucus, but we wanted to include everybody. She felt we could have a forum where we can discuss freely,” Hon Thomas Tayebwa said.

Tayebwa also said that the MPs should stop living a life of a lie and acknowledge that Janet Museveni is a minister and above the ordinary MP.

The NRM top man added that the first lady didn’t call off the meeting simply because the Opposition MPs refused to come.

She was attending another meeting and therefore the meeting with the MPS will happen either way.

“I don’t know why we live a life of a lie. This is the First Lady. She is above us. This is a person close to the President. She has not been attending functions. She sent a request. By the time she called it off, it was not because of pressure. She wasn’t watching TV, she was busy in another meeting. That meeting will happen,” he added.

The MP furthermore said that this meeting was not a parliamentary seating but one for the Ministry and therefore not one for the MPs to decide how to and where to conduct from.

“The meeting was a formal meeting of the Ministry of Education and Sports but not a formal sitting of Parliament.

The meeting was not for the MPs, the MPs were part of the meeting. We thought we would all sit and come up with final resolutions,” Tayebwa said.

Tayebwa went ahead to say that they had asked the speaker of Parliament to chair that meeting because he knows the MPs very well and this could have given the MPs a notion that it’s their meeting.

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