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Parliament should unite and tell Museveni and wife they don’t own the country – Joseph Kabuleeta

Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleeta is a very bitter man and only wishes that Parliament can unite and tell the First family they don’t own the country.

Kabuleeta was outraged by the First lady’s summon of MPs to Kololo Independence for a meeting to discuss the January 2022 reopening of schools.

According to Kabuleeta, Mrs Museveni summoned the MPs only because she’s the First lady and somehow she will get away with it.

He however applauded parliament’s stance on refusing to go there saying that Museveni and wife should be told they don’t own Uganda.

“The problem started when the First Lady developed ambitions for politics.

She is summoning the Parliament because she is the First Lady, and she will get away with it. Some people will not go, but that meeting will still happen. I wish for once; the Parliament would be united and tell the President and his wife that they don’t own this country,”

Kabuleeta expressed his disappointment at an ex parliamentarian who knows the rules and procedures to act with such a level of impunity.

He added that the first lady should instead have sent one of her junior Ministers to brief Parliament that she didn’t wish to meet at Parliament.

“It is wrong for a minister who is an ex-officio in Parliament and is supposed to attend some sittings to summon the House instead.

It is terrible and ugly no matter how we want to dress it.

Why didn’t the First Lady send one of her junior ministers to brief Parliament if she didn’t want to meet at Parliament.

These junior ministers don’t come with the baggage of being First Lady,” Kabuleeta added.

Kabuleeta also addressed the recent crisis of medical doctors who downed their tools in protest of failure by government to clear their salaries.

He said that the way this country is run is shambolic.

Kabuleeta said that the country is run like a pyramid and if it was the people on top considered for standards of living, Uganda would be considered a first class country.

“This country is run like a pyramid. The people at the top get whatever they want. In fact, when you consider the lives of the people at the top of the pyramid, we are a first-world country. When it comes to the bottom of the pyramid, when doctors and teachers need salary increments, the money isn’t there.

What is the emergency about buying cars for people like Amama Mbabazi? It is already bad that we budget for these cars, but it gets worse when you need a supplementary budget for it.

Why can’t we as a country give up on budgeting and just eat the money?

The rate at which we need supplementary budgets is alarming.”

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