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May 19, 2024
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This is not a war against Muslims but terrorism – Minister Baryomunsi

Minister Chris Baryomunsi has come out to dispel rumors that the government is bent on persecuting Moslems in the country due to the recent killings.

It should be noted that Muslims have in the past been indicted in a number of crimes ranging from assassinations to the recent bombings.

This has had some people believing that this is a deliberate move against the faith with some politicians using it as an advantage to pin the government.

Baryomunsi however who is the minister of information says that the government when making arrests doesn’t ask ones faith.

It’s rather more of a coincidence that some people who get arrested or shot belong to a particular faith.

“We have not condemned Muslims, and the government of Uganda has nothing against them.

When security comes, they don’t ask you about your faith. It just so happens that the suspects have Muslim names. This doesn’t mean Muslims in Uganda are criminals. It can be a coincidence that you arrest a group and all of them are Christians or Muslims. Otherwise, Lukwago would be in the cells,” Minister Chris Baryomunsi said.

In a related event, Hon Jim Muhwezi the minister of security was asked why security personnel kill suspects.

Muhwezi said that these suspects are only killed if they try to resist arrest.

“We don’t kill suspected terrorists. They are shot when they resist arrest and run.
We have several suspects in detention. Only a smaller fraction have been shot.”

Muhwezi adds that the NRM even dating from it’s time in the bush doesn’t kill it’s opponents.

It rather recruits and trains them and the officers who perpetrate these crimes are prosecuted.

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