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May 19, 2024
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Stop the attacks on Muslims – Bobi Wine

Former presidential candidate Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has come out to call upon security agencies to stop killing Ugandans especially Muslims in the pretext of fighting terrorism.

The politician made the comments while addressing the recent fatal shooting of Sheikh Muhammad Abbas Karevu who was killed by security forces yesterday.

Kyagulanyi said that according to the late Karevu’s son, his father did not resist arrest as earlier revealed by Police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

The NUP principle adds that many Ugandans have been getting arrested for no reason.

Sadly these are gruesomely tortured and later acquitted due to lack of evidence but no one prosecutes the security agents who made the wrong call.

Kyagulanyi also adds that he himself has been a victim of bogus charges that are framed by the state.

Karevu according to security agencies was given amnesty by the government in 2005.

He however had resorted to recruiting and coordinating ADF activities in the country before he was put out of action.

Karevu was killed yesterday in Nsangi Wakiso district after an alleged violent scuffle with security operatives during his arrest.

A number of people have been shot dead in the past few days by security which claims that these have links to rebel group ADF who are carrying out bomb explosions in the country.

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