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President Museveni Speaks Out About The Kampala Twin Bomb Blasts

The country yesterday was thrown into a scare after two bomb blasts exploded in Kampala killing a number of people and injuring scores.

And as the different security organs issued different statements, the Commander In Chief, Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni also talked about these shocking events.

Museveni through his Twitter page said that these ‘pigs’ should stop confusing young people.

He cited an example of a one Sheikh Nsubuga who confused youths in Lweza to blow up themselves.

Museveni said that the Sheikh should instead have blown up himself to act as good example if what he was doing is genuine.

“To the Ugandans, especially the Bazzukulu.

Today at 10:00hours, some pigs (in reality manipulated and confused Bazzukulu), apparently, blew themselves up, one near the IGG office and the other near CPS.”

“The real pigs are people like Nsubuga, the so-called Sheikh that confused young people at Lweza. If blowing oneself up will send one to Jaanaa, let him blow himself up as an example instead of manipulating young children,” Museveni tweeted.

The President further revealed that three more explosives were discovered yesterday and prevented from going off.

He added that these terrorists have invited them and the government will show them what it is made of.

“Three (3) IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) have been recovered including the one of today. The terrorists invited us and we are coming for them.


16th November, 2021,” he concluded his tweet.

Museveni is expected to address the nation on Friday 19th and will surely add more on the security of the country.

The president also said that one of the suicide bombers was chased and shot dead by Police.

Mr Museveni also added that these are part of ADF and were part of the plan to assassinate Gen Katumba Wamala months ago.

According to the president these are the names of yesterday’s suicide bombers.

“Just in: President Museveni names today’s suicide bombers (whom he called pigs) as;

  • Musa Mudasiru
  • Wanjusi Abdullah
  • Mansoor Uthman

He says all these, were part of the ADF group that attacked Gen Katumba Wamala,” Journalist Canary Mugume posted via his Twitter page.

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