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June 18, 2024
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Kiiza Besigye Explains the Role of his New front, PFT

Former four time presidential candidate Dr Cool Kiiza Besigye has come out to explain the main goal of his new alliance, the People’s Front for Transition (PFT)

This was formed last month and consists of a number of high profile Opposition politicians.

Besigye says that the Front came up to rally Ugandans to stand up and fight for their rights because they are being held captive against their own will.

He further says that this is a temporary feature meant to drive Uganda to the democratic state they want.

Besigye also says that as FDC and other Opposition parties, they determined that elections weren’t going to work as far as 2011 and decided to use other alternative means.

“We are mainly talking to people, to rally and confront the monumental challenge that we have at hand, and that’s a challenge of terrible leadership. The Front comes because there is a huge crisis where Ugandans are held captive by other Ugandans.”

“The Front is a rallying call for all Ugandans to come in their different capacities so that we do everything within our power to make sure that we regain control of our country. Some of us came to a conclusion that elections won’t change in 2011,” Besigye says.

Besigye further says that when he comes out to protest, he’s doing it as a humble Ugandan making a contribution to the liberation of the country.

Therefore if someone else does and they are arrested, they should not question why Besigye too wasn’t arrested.

Besigye also says that since 2011, their struggle has been outside the ballot.

He’s however appalled by the fact that the Opposition instead of attacking the real problem are tearing themselves apart instead.

Besigye furthermore says that for change to occur, it can be catalysed by anyone and not specifically Hon Kyagulanyi or him.

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