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Buganda Land Board is Illegal – Museveni declares war

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has come out to wage war against Buganda Kingdom’s Buganda Land Board which he says is Illegal.

He ordered the NRM CEC to fight the Institution’s land board as he further labelled it unacceptable.

His statements are in line with the junior lands minister Sam Mayanja who on October 7 claimed the board is in place illegally.

Gen Museveni has been pushing for land reforms in the Buganda region for quite some time now.

This move has however been heavily resisted by the Kingdom’s officials including the Kabaka, His Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi as well as the subjects.

Museveni in a letter dated November 8 tasked all CEC members to identify the “legitimate interests of the different groups of people” which he referred to as the Crux of mobilization.

“Resist land evictions for Bibanja owners and work for the emancipation of the Bibanja owners and compensation of the exploitative Mailo owner. Resist all schemes of okutemako (cut pieces from) of the Bibanja owners’ land or Kyaapa mungalo (leases given by the illegal Buganda Land Board),” Museveni’s letter partly reads.

He adds that leases were for the educated sometimes foreign, commercial producers using land and cannot be for Ugandans who have homes (obutuuro) and graves of their ancestors on these lands

“That is why customary or freehold maybe the only correct models for Ugandans. However, that ownership should be tied, in my opinion, with the obligations to use land as agreed with the state (farming etc).”

He further adds that hoarders of land should be penalised somehow

If this is not done, Museveni feels that Ugandans will starve or be forced to ‘kusaka’ (buying and begging from others) while hoarders are sitting on the land.

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