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April 17, 2024
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We Don’t Take NUP and PFT threats lightly – NRM’s Emmanuel Dombo

NRM’s director of Communications Emmanuel Dombo has come out to reveal why government cannot take NUP and PFT’s threats lightly hence the continued sabotage by Police

Dombo notes that it’s on record that Bobi Wine and Besigye have on several occasions publicly stated their intentions to over throw the ruling government and President Museveni through any means available to them.

Therefore such reckless and dangerous statements cannot be overlooked by any proper government which is the reason security agencies have continued to clamp down their attempts.

According to Dombo, these groups are associated with espionage, crime and treason.

He adds that this is done for the good of Ugandans’ security before hailing the citizens for keeping a deaf ear to such people who want to wreck havoc on the country through riots, demonstrations.

These are aimed at creating insecurity and inciting the people to rise up against the government just like it was in Libya, Sudan, Zimbabwe among other countries.

Dombo says that frustration of losing the elections is what is triggering Kyagulanyi and Besigye to resort to these desperate means yet Ugandans chose Museveni over them.

He further adds that security organs won’t leave any stone unturned in stamping out these agents of instability that want to undermine the sitting government.

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