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December 1, 2022
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Shamim Malende reveals she’s being threatened to leave the Ssewanyana&Ssegirinya case

Kampala woman Mp Hon Shamim Malende has revealed that she has been and continues to receive unknown calls from some people she suspects to wield power in the government.

These threaten her and advise her to quit the case against MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Muhammad Ssegirinya.

Malende who is part of the legal team of the Mps adds that she’s currently operating under intense pressure.

She however adds that she won’t rest until her fellow comrades are granted bail or freed because she knows they are innocent.

The NUP official further adds tht she has on several occasions recieved calls informing her that even if she performs miracles or magic, the charges won’t be dropped because they were planned before happening.

The two Mps are still incarcerated after they were accused of masterminding the Masaka murders two months ago that claimed tens of people.

Hon Ssegirinya who is critically ill was unable to attend court yesterday as he’s receiving medical attention at Mulago hospital.

The court yesterday ordered for the two Mps to receive proper medical care from specialized doctors of their choice under supervision from government.

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