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June 23, 2024
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Mp Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda promises to quit politics if Museveni is overthrown

Kiira Municipality Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has vowed to quit politics if the opposition manages to overthrow President Museveni.

The FDC spokesperson said that the only reason he quit his profession of journalism was to fight Museveni’s bad governance and once this is done, he will go back to his roots.

He added that Ugandans need to breathe a new breath away from Musevenism reason they have to be liberated against all odds.

The outspoken politician said that the reason they formed PFT under Besigye is to plan for the next Uganda after Gen Museve is ousted.

“The aim of the People’s Front for Transition is to put in place a transition government in case Museveni leaves power. We have to prepare for transition because Museveni must go,” Ssemujju said.

The struggle to liberate Uganda doesn’t have to stop until we have liberated the country. This is like chasing a thief. The alarm mustn’t stop,” Ssemujju further said.

Well everything is possible but the MP is like saying that he will retire from politics when Uganda wins the world cup.

Hardly possible but possible still.

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