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June 18, 2024
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Police Warns To Deal With All NUP Supporters Planning To Riot

The Police force in Uganda has come out to warn all those planning to demonstrate around the country especially NUP and Besigye’s PFT that they will be dealt with mercilessly.

This follows intelligence gathered about the plans of these groups to hold riots and political demonstrations probably beginning this week.

Police says that it informs the public to remain calm as they will have the situation under control in case these illegal protests go ahead.

Police added that although the extent and severity of these threats can’t be forecasted, they taking no chances.

This came after Police raided a NUP cell in Kasese and dismantled it arresting 4 suspects who were charged in court on conspiracy to commit a felony of treason.

The arrested included Bwambale Geoffrey, Isande Atonozio, Basisa Brian and Mumbere Isaac.

These had already reportedly been mobilizing people from Ntoroko, Bundibugyo, Hoima and Fort Portal for massive riots.

These planned on burning down key government infrastructure, blocking Mpondwe border point among other things between November and December 2021.

Meanwhile the Political Crimes Department has also opened case files against Mp Francis Zaake and Opposition figure Dr Col Kiiza Besigye for uttering reckless statements.

These said that they will use whatever means are available to them to overthrow Gen Museveni’s government before 2026.

The Police added that it does not take such anti democratic statements lightly due to the gravity they might carry in creating public chaos.

Police added that some politicians think that they are above the law which is not the case

“Our country, has endured a lot of acts of violence including deadly riots, political demonstrations,domestic terrorism, natural calamities, arson, vandalism, machete wielding attacks etc. We shall therefore not entertain any further acts of violence and illegal protests,” Fred Enanga the Police spokesperson said.

“We want to reassure the public especially the private sector and business sector, the education sector, those in the transport sector that we have contingency plans in place to counter any violent conduct or behavior,” Enanga added.

The force added that it has both mobile and rapid response teams on standby to counter these threats and avoid a repeat of the 2020 deadly riots.

The personnel are all trained in advanced skills related to crowd management, crowd control, use of enhanced personnel protective equipment, use of force, de-escalation and riots.

Furthermore, they also have different formations and movements that may be used to control crowds and also respond to any public safety needs.

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