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May 26, 2024
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FDC’s Doreen Nyanjura Questions Government’s Decision to Export Milk to Dubai

FDC’s Makerere University lord councilor has come out to question the government’s motive to export milk to Dubai.

Ugandans were left bemused after Lato milk was one of the showpieces Uganda presented at the ongoing Dubai Expo.

Government officials however came out to defend this position saying that Uganda has excessive milk that can be exported abroad for extra income.

However, Nyanjura questioned how it can be claimed that Uganda has excessive milk when many children are stunted and succumbing to malnutrition.

“I have heard that Uganda has excess milk for exportation, that is why at the Dubai expo we were advertising Lato milk! How can we say we have surplus milk when our children are dying of kwashiorkor, they are malnourished, they are stunted! ,” She said.

However some of her followers revealed to her that this is not the government’s duty to fulfill.

Nyanjura then questioned what the role of the government is saying that in Makerere food was all free in the 1970’s.

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