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June 13, 2024
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Uganda and Africa only survived Covid 19 by God’s grace- Kizza Besigye

Leader of the People’s Front for Transformation (PFT) Dr Kizza Besigye has come out to criticize Uganda and Africa’s strategy of handling the COVID 19 crisis.

Besigye said that Uganda and Africa in general were simply saved by the grace of God because majority of the people are believers.

“I don’t find it strange that we have managed COVID19. We live by the Grace of God. I think God has been gracious to Africa. The fact that we are a young continent, COVID19 affects the elderly. We survived by default,” Besigye said while appearing on the NBS Morning Breeze today 1st November 2021.

Besigye further tore through the country’s lack of a well devised plan to address the recovery mode of the economy in regards to the pandemic.

He went ahead to say that instead of providing stimulus packages to the population, the government is instead increasing taxes.

The former four time presidential candidate said that whereas other countries are planning on how best to offset the pandemic effects, Uganda is busy planning on how best to steal her own money.

“Other countries are planning. We have no plan. The only plan we have is to steal our money. Trillions of money were taken to State House from the COVID19 money for classified expenditure, and the public kept quiet,” Besigye further said.

In regards to the lack of a plan, he cited the long closure of schools which was cited by the UN statistics as the longest in the world during the pandemic.

Further Besigye said that the only thing Museveni is investing in is the repressive security system by building a wall around himself to keep in power.

Besigye also said that Mr Museveni and the people around him have no ideas of what’s going on around them and just make decisions for their won benefit.

“Mr. Museveni and his friends have never gone to the petrol station for 40 years. They don’t know what goes on in the market. They don’t know about rent,” Besigye continued to say.

Besigye also addressed the issue of NSSF money saying that the government doesn’t want to give it to people because it’s not there since it was also embezzled.

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