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February 24, 2024
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FDC and NUP’s Row Deepens

Despite the denials that there is no bad blood between two of Uganda’s biggest opposition political parties FDC and NUP, it seems otherwise and the differences keep on arising starkly slowly.

While appearing on NBS TV, NUP’s Muwanga Kivumbi seemed to aim a dig at Besigye and his new front, the PFT.

Kivumbi said that irrespective of anything, the politics of Uganda evolves around Bobi Wine, NUP and People Power.

This did not sit down well with FDC and they immediately retweeted Muwanga’s statements calling out NUP on bossing the Opposition.

FDC said that if they are to remove the NRM regime, then the habit of thinking each party is bigger should stop.

Erias Lukwago who is a member of FDC and Besigye’s PFT however said that this is a war and it should have different strategies and tactics to be fought.

“It is not about coming up with innovations. This is about a war. The oppressed are fighting to regain their authority. You have different tactics and strategies. A war has got so many battlefronts,” Lukwago said.

A few days ago Besigye and a number of top politicians formed the People’s Front for Transition aimed at overthrowing Gen Museveni before 2026.

However the exclusion of NUP seems to be an issue of concern to the public.

These have started pinning the groups against each other and it seems the parties have also drowned in these accusations.

Subtle digs have been aimed at each other indirectly ever since the formation of the PFT.

The leaders for both fronts Bobi Wine and Kiiza Besigye however have downplayed the issue of foul play towards each other.

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