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April 14, 2024
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Science subjects are more Valuable than Arts – Museveni

President Day has come out to defend Government’s position on increasing salaries of Science teachers and others who fall in the line of science oriented literature.

The Government in August announced that science teachers would be increased to earn a salary of Shs 4M gross monthly salary.

This was much to the disappointment of Arts teachers who feel that they equally do a similar job and salary remuneration should be the same.

Museveni however through his Twitter page announced that the public should know that he’s a person of literature and history.

However, for the past 4-5 million years, the world has been hinged on science, therefore the need to prioritise the sector.

He added that the priority between sciences and Arts should not even be debated about.

Museveni went ahead to say that for a society to survive,it should not lag behind in science and technology and not rather being spot on in Shakespearean and Julius Cesar quotes.

“We should not debate this; arts have a role but for a society to survive, it must not lag behind in science and technology. Do not waste our time with off-the-point arguments. I can quote for you Shakespeare or Julius Caesar, what will it help with curing Covid-19?” Mr and added.

He went ahead to say that no one should obstruct the strategy of increasing the scientists salaries.

President Museveni said that it’s government’s priority to increase everyone’s salary but with the scarcity of money, they will start with those needed the most.

“Therefore, no one should obstruct our strategy of paying scientists well because we need them ‘most’. We want to increase the salary of everyone but if we do not have enough money why not start with those that are most needed- the scientists!?” He concluded.

It should be recalled that the teachers’ salary had been increased sometime ago but these were paid for just two months before they faced a pay cut again.

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