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FDC’s Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa gives an Overview of PFT

The newly founded People’s Front for Transition (PFT) is currently the topic on everyone’s lips especially in the political circles of Uganda.

FDC’s top cadre Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa has now come out to give an overview about the newly formed coalition that has got people speaking differently about it.

Mr Birigwa said that the front was created for everyone and any person is free to join adding that it’s not an FDC business.

He added that they are still consulting different individuals and personalities to join this front.

Talking about NUP’s absence, Birigwa said that Hon Kyagulanyi was fully consulted but didn’t buy the idea of joining instantly.

They are however optimistic that with time, NUP will join the front.

” A Front is a front for everybody; PFT is not a Front for FDC.

Everyone is welcome to join. We are continuing to consult many organizations. Anyone can join, and I welcome every individual out there.

What I know is that we truly consulted everybody, including Hon. Kyagulanyi.

I am sure NUP will eventually join the Front. It is better to join when they are read,” he said.

He added tht they can’t force people to join the front and those who want to will join when they feel they are ready.

He also said that they met with ANT and were informed that the party is currently engaged in other activities.

ANT also informed them that they don’t want to be disorganized engaging in different activities and will also join when they are ready.

Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa also asserted that there is no rift between NUP and FDC simply because NUP is not in the coalition adding that it’s not a crime to not be in the coalition.

He went ahead to say that the idea is a brainchild of FDC and they formed it after agreeing that they need a Front where everyone can participate.

Talking about it’s leadership, Ambassador Birigwa said that Besigye didn’t want to be the leader but the those participating encouraged him to take on the mantle.

“Dr. Kizza Besigye was reluctant to lead the Front. He wanted to participate while someone else led.

We are the ones who encouraged him to lead the Front just for the start as we establish it,” Mr Birigwa added.

He also talked about the social media attacks that seem to occasionally erupt between NUP and FDC.

Mr Birigwa said
that he believes these are instigated and sponsored by the government because they are the biggest benefactors when Kyagulanyi and Besigye are clashing.

He however said that the PFT is a beautiful idea and everyone should join their efforts to cause a transition in Uganda.

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