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April 14, 2024
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I received a message from Bobi Wine over the attacks – Kiiza Besigye

Former FDC president Dr Col Kiiza Besigye came out to reveal how he had a received a message from NUP president Bobi Wine expressing his disgust for all those attacking the four time presidential candidate.

It should be noted that Besigye has been at the receiving end of social media backlash especially from NUP supporters.

These accuse Besigye of being a mole and working for the regime.

These added that Besigye and his camp’s sole purpose is to weaken the opposition further and especially Bobi Wine.

This was after Besigye and a number of high profile Opposition politicians formed a new alliance known as the People’s Front for Transition.

The coalition’s major goal is to oust President Museveni out of power before 2026.

The public was however concerned about this group since NUP was absent in it’s formation.

Besigye however said that they had discussed the topic with the NUP hierarchy at length.

These concluded that any attack on the regime from the opposition regardless of who is welcome.

However, some sources from this front had come out to say that they had invited NUP but the Kamwokya based party declined the offer.

NUP allegedly said that they already had the People Power pressure group in place and therefore Besigye’s group should be the ones to join them.

NUP spokesperson however after having appeared on NTV said that they don’t see this front as the Opposition.

He however through his social media pages came out to say that this new coalition is welcome to the struggle.

FDC president Patrick Amuriat however through his Twitter page said that leading Opposition in Parliament does not mean that NUP has the right to be the leaders against the government.

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