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April 14, 2024
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Panic, chaos and mistrust in Opposition after Besigye’s new coalition

The Opposition is finding itself at crossroads and it’s biggest enemy with panic, chaos and mistrust creeping in after the formation of former FDC president Kiiza Besigye’s new alliance known as People’s Front for Transition.

This was translated into a direct opponent of NUP’s dominance of the Opposition since it was even excluded in the formation.

Indeed most of the members of this new alliance are those who were pushed aside by the NUP wave and weren’t considered in the party’s activities.

The main goal of Besigye’s group is to oust Museveni out of power before 2026.

And as always with most Opposition opinions, doubts have already arose on whether this new front is for the right cause or just to curb Kyagulanyi and NUP’s influence.

Majority members from NUP see this new group as one modeled from the People Power pressure group that was the driving force of Kyagulanyi and his supporters in the presidential bid.

However according to sources in Besigye’s camp, NUP’s hierarchy was invited to join the formation but turned down the offer.

It’s alleged that these said they already have a similar group in the People Power pressure group and rather Besigye should be the one to join them together with his team.

According to several sources, Besigye wants one more dance on the ballot paper in 2026 and this is likely to brew more chaos in the Opposition.

This is likely to pin him against Kyagulanyi who has for a long time said that Besigye was one of the reasons he joined politics and on the opposition end.

It’s however not yet verified whether Besigye indeed wrote to Kyagulanyi officially and if the later turned down the offer.

The public especially those who subscribe to NUP have intensified their claims that Besigye is a state operative planted in the Opposition and his sole goal is to weaken Bobi Wine’s influence.

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