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President Museveni Promises Financial Assistance To Ugandans Living In The UAE

President Museveni while on his trip to officiate the Uganda day at the ongoing 2020 Dubai took some time to meet and engage with Ugandans living in the diaspora.

Mr Museveni said that he talked a lot with the leaders of the association such as human trafficking among other things.

“EARLIER: I met and held discussions with Ugandans living in UAE through their respective leaders from the Association of Ugandans living in the United Arab Emirates (AUU). We talked about issues like; Human trafficking especially for our girls and working conditions etc,” Mr Museveni said.

The President also added that Government is going to put a considerable amount of money in the SACCOs of these people in the Middle East so that they don’t feel abandoned.

“Still, in our meeting, we resolved that government will make a considerable financial investment in the Association of Ugandans living in UAE through their SACCO. This money should be availed for support to Ugandans in distress so that they do not feel abandoned,” he added.

Mr Museveni went ahead to advise them to use this money carefully to engage in productive activities.

He also said that the beneficiaries should be able to borrow from the SACCOs at low interest rates.

” The money also should be carefully used to engage in productive activities & get additional income. Needless to say, Ugandans in Dubai, etc, should be able to borrow from this fund with low-interest rates for use. It could be to invest there or back home,”

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