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May 19, 2024
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Retired Justice George Kanyeihamba advises Museveni on how to remind Bail

The retired Justice George W Kanyeihamba has come out to give advice to President Museveni on how to remove bail a topic he’s so bent on achieving.

Mr Kanyeihamba said that Gen Museveni should first withdraw Uganda from all international treaties that guarantee bail.

“If he really wants to remove the right to bail, President Museveni should first withdraw Uganda from all international treaties that guarantee bail globally,” Rtd Justice George W. Kanyeihamba said.

The renowned government critic added that everyone suspected of wrong doing is innocent until indicted by the law.

However Museveni is trying to change the narrative by assuming every accused person is guilty until proven innocent t by court according to the former Supreme Court judge.

“According to the law, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty but President Museveni wants to change that to “everybody is guilty until you prove that you are innocent,” Rtd Justice Kanyeihamba added.

Mr Museveni has been fighting tooth and nail to have bail for murder suspects scrapped off the law system in Uganda.

This heightened after the accusations of Opposition MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Muhammad Ssegirinya over the Masaka killings which saw them remanded to prison on two occasions.

Mr Museveni said that he doesn’t know why Courts of law always hasten to avail bail to murder suspects and leave them to rejoin society.

He went ahead to bring up the proposition of scrapping bail in the NRM Caucus that sat last week at Kololo Independence grounds.

Although most of his party members are in favour of his proposal, it’s said some MPs rejected it.

It was from this that Justice Kanyeihamba said that Museveni should know that Uganda is much bigger than him and his NRM caucus.

“This country is bigger than President Museveni. Ugandans are bigger, stronger and more important than him and his NRM caucus so he should think twice,” Mr George W. Kanyeihamba added.

Most of the law practitioners have accused the President of bringing up this proposal as political tool to eliminate his opponents.

These further say that he’s now trying to “infiltrate and influence the Judiciary just as he does with the Parliament.”

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