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President Museveni delivers national update on Bail Application

President Museveni delivered a national security update on the 1st of October 2021 on the issue of bail application that has got different people talking.

Many have accused the President of wanting to ‘infiltrate and control the Judiciary just as how he doe with the Parliament.’

Mr Museveni who wants bail application for murder suspects scrapped said that giving bail to criminals is not correct.

He said that instead of attention being given to the victim who has even died and won’t come back, the system thinks of giving time to the criminal.

” People are being killed and you are defending criminals. You are giving more time to the criminals than victims. The victim is dead and cannot ask for bail and you spend your time on criminals! This is not correct,” Museveni said.

He also said that if his party members were accused, he would be working hard to prove that they are innocent instead of asking Police not to arrest them.

He also said that the suspects should ask for a quick fair trial and not untouchability.

“If my party members were among the suspects, I would work hard to prove their innocence instead of asking the police not to arrest them. If you are a suspect, demand a quick trial but don’t demand impunity or untouchability,” Mr Museveni added.

Gen Museveni said that the reason he’s asserting the removal of bail application for murder cases is because it’s not like other cases.

He said that the matter is irreversible and since the victims can’t come back, it’s why these cases should be prioritized.

The NRM chairman added that he had studied the first killings in the country and realised the reason the culprits were not arrested was because Police had been infiltrated.

The President added tht these criminals were not clever and that’s why they launched the second wave of killings in Masaka and after a series of investigations, many suspects were detained.

Mr Museveni also said that that he was jailed in a number of Tanzanian prisons and there’s no prison he wasn’t put into in Tanzania.

He added that he was later released and became a useful person meaning if one has not committed aggravated crimes, they will always find justice.

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