The Minister The Minister for Information and Kinkizi East MP, Chris Baryomunsi says Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is suffering from '" />

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June 23, 2024
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Erias Lukwago is suffering from ‘Museveniphobia’ – Minister Baryomunsi

The Minister The Minister for Information and Kinkizi East MP, Chris Baryomunsi says Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is suffering from ‘Museveniphobia’.

Baryomunsi while appearing on NBS The Frontline on 30th September 2021 said that the Opposition bigwig fears anything coming out of President Museveni.

“The problem with Lukwago is that he has ‘Museveniphobia.’ He fears anything that comes from him,” Minister Baryomunsi said to which the lord mayor hilariously replied that “He also has ‘Lukwagophobia’ in regards to President Museveni.

This was after the lord mayor vehemently opposed the President’s recent suggestion of removing bail for suspects accused of aggravated crimes such as murder and rape.

Lukwago added that there are cases which the law stipulates that one shouldn’t be accorded bail and this is what should be followed.

He further said that Gen Museveni has been dismantling the law slowly and is only getting to the extreme.

Lukwago further said that this is a political move citing why the former attorney general Mwesigwa Rukutana wasn’t denied bail when he was accused of shooting someone dead.

“There are cases when court can deny you bail. They are all well spelt out in Section 15. It is as if the judges just grant bail. It is not true. There are so many people who have been denied bail. Over 5,000. Gen. Museveni has been slowly whittling down the law as far as pretrial is concerned. Mwesigwa Rukutana was found with a gun. He was accused of shooting somebody dead. Was he denied bail? The public can be the judge on that,” Lukwago said.

However, Baryomunsi said that the President is not saying bail should be removed completely but rather his only concern is why it’s hastened for the murder suspects.

” The President is concerned about why we give bail to murder suspects immediately. He is not saying there should be no bail. He is only saying, can’t the suspects be in jail for some time before applying for bail?” Baryomunsi said.

The Kinkizi east Mp further said that if the suspect indeed killed and is released, he remains a danger to society.

Baryomunsi said that the President had only brought up a view unless the likes of Lukwago were saying that the President has no right to ask for the law to be reconsidered.

Dp president Nobert Mao however said that the President only talks about scrapping bail when he’s irritated by some opposition political group.

Mao said that Mr Museveni should know that there are NRM MPs who have done worse things and the public too thinks the same that bail should be removed only if it serves all groups equally.

Lukwago however maintained that this government is a criminal one to which Baryomunsi asked him why he enjoys it’s services.

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