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November 29, 2023
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Muwanga Kivumbi explains why Opposition MPS stormed out of Parliament

Butambala MP Hon Muwanga Kivumbi today 30th September 2021 while appearing on the NBS TV Morning Breeze explained why the Opposition MPs stormed out of Parliament yesterday.

Hon Kivumbi said that they needed to make a statement and send a warning to the government tht they are not content with the way their colleagues are being treated.

“We need assurance that this impunity will be brought to an end, not mere apologies. Nobody enjoys being out of Parliament. I am forced because we have to make a statement,” Hon Kivumbi said.

Kivumbi who doubles as the leader of the Buganda Parliamentary Caucus said that they were boycotting Parliament not just for the MPs but also for other members of the community.

“We are not making a case just for MPS. This is impunity that has been happening to ordinary members of society.

We are talking about abuse of human rights. We are not talking about a one-off. It has become the norm,” Hon Muwanga added.

The MP also questioned the President’s recent remarks ordering drones to stop arresting people.

Muwanga wondered whether these remarks were just jokes or there are those who don’t follow the President’s orders and are simply bigger than him.

Kivumbi further added that this impunity must stop and the Constitution followed because it provides the way of handling all cases in the country.

He also credited NRM MPs who opposed the removal of bail application as proposed by Mr Museveni.

Muwanga also said that he wouldn’t be in studio or Parliament to defend any one convicted of murder but it’s the issue of human rights he’s arguing for since most detainees always report cases of torture.

However, Bukooli central Mp Hon Solomon Silwany who was in studio too defended President Museveni saying that he can’t condone human rights abuse.

“The President I know can not condone abuse of Human Rights. The people doing this are doing it individually and should be brought to book,” Hon Silwany added.

He however sided with Hon Muwanga saying the way MPs Allan Ssewanyana and Mohammad Ssegirinya were arrested was improper.

Silwany however implored the MPs to come back to Parliament and get answers directly from government.

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