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May 26, 2024
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Nicholas Opiyo Trades Bobi Wine for Owiny Dollo

Human rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo has come out to vent his frustration towards the NUP supporters for their continued hate messages especially with people they disagree with.

Opiyo made the remarks in regard to the vile attack that has for some time been directed towards the Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny Dollo.

Opiyo added that he’s represented NUP leaders plus many of their supporters countless times when their rights have been infringed upon.

It was their sickening to see how they infringe on other people’s spaces especially the Chief Justice and himself.

Opiyo who has previously been struggling with NUP helping them in different cases said that many NUP supporters have no idea how the Chief Justice they are attacking has saved their leader Bobi Wine from going to jail many times.

“Many have no idea how many times the Chief Justice put his foot down to save their leader from unlawful imprisonment. From Gulu High Court, Masaka to Nalufenya, the judiciary followed the law & granted bail when it would have taken the easier & convenient road of rejecting it,” Opiyo added.

He then advised them that a political battle is not won by being abusive and obnoxious but rather being persuasive.

“You never win a political battle by being abusive & obnoxious. You do so by the power of persuasion & ideas. Social media ‘warriorsm’ is short-term gratification, not a long-term political strategy for change, at least in my world. I hope I am wrong,” he concluded.

Many started accusing him of having crossed to the NRM while others said that he was wrong to assume that all the disgruntled abusive people online belong to NUP.

This is an accusation that has for long been labeled on the young political party.

The party leaders have however rarely come out to give this issue maximum time and it’s one that taints the party a lot and used by it’s opponents to undermine the Kamwokya based party.

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