President Museveni yesterday heaped praise on Ben Kiwanuka as he presided over a memoir in honor of the first Chief Justice of Uganda at " />

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July 17, 2024
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Museveni praises the late Ben Kiwanuka

President Museveni yesterday heaped praise on Ben Kiwanuka as he presided over a memoir in honor of the first Chief Justice of Uganda at the High Court.

Kiwanuka which was also the first prime Minister of Uganda was murdered in September 1972 by the then president Idi Amin Dada and his body has never been found up to date.

Museveni said that he was glad the Judiciary was able to remember and honor Kiwanuka because he was a great pillar in Uganda’s post independence period.

He added that had people like Obote been selfless like Kiwanuka, the 1966 crisis wouldn’t have happened.

“I am very glad that the judiciary has remembered Ex-Chief Justice Benedicto Kiwanuka. A man who does not remember is an ingrate. Kiwanuka was a forthright person, he told the people of Mengo the truth! Had people like Obote been like him, we would not have had the 1966 crisis,” President Museveni tweeted.

Gen Museveni proceeded to attribute the NRM’s works in the line of the late CJ saying that he was a man of truth and so is his party.

He also wondered why Kiwanuka had accepted to work with Amin because had he rejected this role, a lot of crises would have been solved.

“The NRM is in the tradition of Kiwanuka, the tradition of telling the truth. Although I also did not understand why Kiwanuka would accept to be Chief Justice of Idi Amin. Nobody should have worked with him (Amin) from the beginning & this would have solved far too many problems,” the President added.

Museveni also said that as revolutionaries and opposition, they always had a few disagreements with Obote but would at times talk about it with him.

However for Amin, it was zero tolerance and he wouldn’t invite any dialogue which led to many people like Kiwanuka to suffer.

“We had disagreements with Obote here and there, we had conditional engagements with him. But with Amin it was zero, he did not understand or value anything, and this is the basic reason as to why such a good man like Kiwanuka suffered,” Mr Museveni added.

The same function saw the Judiciary reward the former Chief Justices Bart Katureebe and Benjamin Odoki with the Ben Kiwanuka award for their contributions to the Judicial system.

“On a different note, I would like to congratulate the Chief Justices emeriti; Benjamin Odooki and Bart Magunda Katureebe who have been given the Benedicto Kiwanuka award. They have indelibly contributed to the transformation of the judicial system in Uganda. I thank them,” Mr Museveni added.

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