Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has come out to give a piece of advice to President Museveni on how to govern Uganda.

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June 18, 2024
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Kampala lord Mayor Erias Lukwago advises President Museveni on how to govern Uganda

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has come out to give a piece of advice to President Museveni on how to govern Uganda.

The lord mayor said that the President ought to let the three arms of the government operate independently devoid of his interference.

He made the remarks in regards to Museveni’s recent remarks concerning bail application processes for murder suspects.

Gen Museveni said that he doesn’t know why bail for such people is hastened adding that he will bring up the topic in the next NRM caucus.

Lukwago said that Mr Museveni has imposed his influence on all government institutions and these can’t operate on their own.

“The problem we have is that Museveni believes in absolute power. We have a subdued parliament and judiciary. The sad thing is that Ugandans are at the receiving end,” Lukwago said.

Lukwago added that the President wants to use the Judiciary to fight his opponents because no one in government has ever applied for bail and had it denied to them.

“Tell me one person in his government that has been accused of murder and denied bail?

Museveni wants to use the judiciary to fight his opponents. I respect Museveni but let him disable himself of the bush mentality,” the lord mayor added.

Lukwago also said that he was disappointed in how Allan Ssewanyana was abducted by security forces shortly after being released from Kigo prison last week.

He also said that the Makindye west MP is still being held incommunicado as they don’t know his whereabouts up to now.

Lukwago said that Museveni as the head of the State should well know that presumption of justice is the bedrock of the Justice system.

Lukwago who was appearing in studio with NRM legal affairs chief Oscar Kihika said that the problem in Uganda is because the intellectuals fear to speak truth to power.

He turned to his fellow lawyer Kihika who he told that he expected him to have told the President that issue of suspending bail for murder suspects should not even be debated about.

Kihika however said that the President believes that society is much safer until the murder suspects have been cleared of any wrong doing.

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