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April 17, 2024
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Pregnancy is better than Dying – Minister Chris Baryomunsi

The Minister for Information Chris Baryomunsi yesterday while appearing on the NBS Frontline program came out to say that pregnancy is better than dying in regards of school going children who are set to remain at home until January 2022.

This was after senior journalist Andrew Mwenda told him that many girls continue to get pregnant to which Baryomunsi said that just as President Museveni says, pregnancy is better than death.

“The President has been saying pregnancy is better than dying. That is a valid explanation,” Baryomunsi said.

Mwenda then told the Minister that if the disease was killing as it’s reported, then parents in Tanzania wouldn’t be having their children in schools.

The Minister however said that they are not in a rush to open schools because it could result into something worse.

“If you die now, when will you pursue your degree? The intention is that we create a safe environment.

We have gone through two waves of COVID 19 and we lost many Ugandans. You also know what happened when we opened schools,” the Minister said.

The Minister who is also the MP for Kinkizi East was pinned by fellow panelists on the way government is treating other opposition leaders.

Mwenda told Baryomunsi that his government is behaving even more brutal than the Obote government they always criticize.

Mwenda told Baryomunsi that the way Allan Ssewanyana was rearrested is worrying and these even always lack intelligence.

“Right now, you are behaving like Obote that you criticize. An MP is an important person who can’t run anywhere. Why don’t you first collect information and then arrest? The government is accusing NUP of spearheading the murders in Masaka. If the man is guilty, it is better to leave him so that you can monitor him and tap his phone to collect more evidence,”
Andrew Mwenda said.

DP president Nobert Mao said that the re-arrest of Ssewanyana is not something new because the State was worried that he would get the platform to talk about what’s actually going on.

“The re-arrest of Allan Ssewanyana is not unprecedented. It has happened before. I suspect they are trying to manage.

When a person is released, they get a platform and talk a lot. That is what they are trying to avoid. We have complained about punishing people before they are tried. The State usually loses interest after. When will the government be serious?” Mao said.

However on replying them, Baryomunsi said that the government hasn’t come out to say that NUP is responsible for the murders but only individuals.

He added that if they were after leaders, Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana wouldn’t be the targets because they are not the biggest fish.

The Minister then said that granting you bail doesn’t mean you can’t be rearrested because more information could have come in during the bail application process.

“We have not said NUP is responsible for the murders. If we were going after NUP leaders, Allan Ssewanyana and Muhammad Ssegirinya are not the biggest in NUP. Granting you bail doesn’t mean you can’t be rearrested. Maybe during the bail application, more information came out.

The only thing we are against is him being tortured. He can be arraigned in court again,” Baryomunsi said.

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