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NUP plays politics of showing off – Joseph Kabuleta

Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has come out to give the difference between two of Uganda’s biggest political parties at the moment NUP and NRM.

Kabuleta said that whereas the NRM relies on violence and murdering people to maintain power, NUP on the other hand relies on showy politics.

“NUP doesn’t play politics of murdering people, it plays politics of “stealing the show”. The ruling Government is the one that understands the politics of death and instilling fear,” Kabuleta said today 22nd September 2021 while appearing on NTV.

Kabuleta made the remarks in connection to the recent Masaka killings that claimed about 27 people all of them almost above the age of 50.

The government critic said that unlike those who claim that these heinous acts are done by those who want to sabotage the government, the government has already done enough to discredit itself.

Kabuleta added that with the rampant showing up of the ADF rebels whenever there is a big resource at stake only shows that the government is behind instigating violence in the country.

He also tasked the President to explain why insecurity is mainly in areas that have many resources.

According to Kabuleta’s analysis, the recent Masaka murders happened to people who are living close to where the oil pipeline is going to pass.

Therefore according to him, this could have been a scheme masterminded by those who don’t want to compensate these locals.

“The murders in Masaka were in areas close to where the pipeline is going to pass. I think some people preferred to kill the elderly who were supposed to be compensated for their land with millions of shillings rather than see them receive the money. In their way of thinking, they think it is easier to kill an old woman rather than watch her receive 300m from her lusuku of matooke where the pipeline is going to pass yet she isn’t a part of them,” Kabuleeta further said.

He also talked about the pending presidential address scheduled for today where the President is going to give an update about the COVID 19 situation in the country.

Kabueeta wondered why the curfew has been maintained yet it continues to shrink the economy.

He said that that he doesn’t even understand what curfew has got to do with enforcing the COVID 19 SOPs.

Kabuleta also talked about the issue of NSSF and it quite looks bad news for the workers awaiting part of their benefits if his analysis is true.

Kabuleta said that the money is not there because NSSF has been acting as the Government ATM.

“NSSF has been Government’s ATM, the truth is that the money that people have been saving isn’t there because why should 20% be a big deal for someone who is 10 years away from claiming their entire amount,” Kabuleta concluded.

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