Opposition party, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), through it's weekly press briefings which happen every Monday at their offices in Na" />

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June 18, 2024
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Museveni has created the worst apartheid in Uganda – FDC

Opposition party, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), through it’s weekly press briefings which happen every Monday at their offices in Najjanakumbi came out yesterday 20th September 2021 to reveal how the ruling NRM party has created an apartheid world in Uganda.

FDC added that the rich and poor have different worlds they live in in the same country.

And in this world the rich and poor have different schools, markets, hospitals amongst a host of other services a system reminiscent of apartheid South Africa which are currently operating.

“Mr Museveni & the team have created a systematic program of apartheid where the poor & rich live in different Worlds. They have their schools, markets & hospitals.

This is what must be fought & stopped. If we don’t stop this, the world will judge us,” FDC secretary general Harold Kaija said.

The party also talked about the issue of schools which are still closed up to today with the government not clear on when exactly they will be opened.

Mr Harold Kaija said that children are undergoing different adolescent stages meaning that time is running out for them.

Besides girls are being impregnated and parents fear to report such matters to Police.

“Mr M7 talked about online classes but we can’t see them, our children are getting pregnant, boys are Changing voices.

In the situation we are in, people are scared of going to the police to report such matters,” Harold Kaija added.

He then said that as the schools keep being under lockdown, the schools of the rich and those with close ties to the government are operating.

Their children are still being educated and promoted and he said that if Ugandans don’t stand up to fight this, then the country is doomed.

He also said that for one to kill a country’s future, it’s education and health that should be tampered with and this is exactly what the NRM government is doing.

The FDC further added that the education sector is losing a number of resources such as schools being sold, turning into chicken farms and teachers going to work in the Arab world.

The party also took time off to eulogize the fallen Orthodox Archbishop Yonah Lwanga who was buried yesterday.

FDC said that he was a man of unshakable character who lived a modest life of speaking against the regime injustices as his fellows ran to the President for hand outs.

“We still want to mourn with the country & the Orthodox Church Archbishop Yona Lwanga was a true religious leader a man of a substance character.

In his life, he kept two pairs of shoes, kept his old car when his colleagues are running to Mr M7 ‘s cars,” Harold Kaija further said in the FDC weekly press briefing.

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