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Twitter war erupts between Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Joel Ssenyonyi

Gone are the days when nemeses had to meet up in the streets or battle grounds to solve the disagreements between themselves through exchange of blows.

With the invention of social media, the jabs can now be exchanged through different social media platforms.

This is the way Commander of the Land Forces Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Nakawa East MP Joel Ssenyonyi have decided to sort the disagreements between them.

This was after Muhoozi took to his Twitter page to re-echo his father’s sentiments over ousting the coup leaders in Guinea Conakry.

President Museveni while appearing in an interview with France 24 said that these coup leaders needed to be frozen out of the African Union activities because they were pulling the continent backwards.

Consequently this was down as the country was put on different embargos from the AU but first son Muhoozi felt that more could be done about it.

He took to his Twitter page to say that at the orders of the Commander in Chief, his father Gen Museveni, the coup could be dealt with by the UPDF in less than a day.

“If our Commander in Chief gave us instructions it wouldn’t take UPDF a day to discipline mutinous troops like the ones in Guinea-Conakry,” Muhoozi tweeted.

This saw the NUP Spokesperson Ssenyonyi highlight the tweet calling Muhoozi a daddy’s boy who should be concerned about his countrymen’s security first than getting excited over what doesn’t concern him.

“Daddy’s boy, on another day I’ll remind you about how your Daddy took power. For now though, first capture the real killers of the people in Masaka and deal with insecurity in Karamoja and elsewhere before you get excited!” Ssenyonyi replied.

This saw Muhoozi reply the legislator calling him am “imbecile” but since he was named the spokesperson of NUP for a reason, Ssenyonyi hit back at the first son calling him an “Alkoko.”

This is not the first time Muhoozi is exchanging one twos with NUP on the blue bird app as he traded some heated words with NUP president Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu a few months back.

Besides, Muhoozi’s tweeting activities always has people wondering if he’s the one behind the keyboard of his account.

Yesterday 19th September 2021 he tweeted how his late grandfather told him that the first Banyankore were from Egypt and therefore anyone who attacks the Pharaohs will be attacking Uganda too.

“My late grandfather Mzee Amos used to tell us that the first Banyankore came from Egypt. When I was there for a course (for 6 months) I never had a problem with any Egyptian. If anybody thinks of fighting Egypt, he should know he will be fighting Uganda as well,” Muhoozi tweeted.

Today morning 20th September 2021 he again tweeted saying that he doesn’t know why his Ethiopian brothers are fighting him in Tigray.

“I don’t know why my brothers in Ethiopia are fighting me? It makes me sad. You are now fighting my tribe in Tigray. Tigrayans are part of us. God is the one who protects us!” He added in a series of his tweets.

This is due to the fact that his mother or the Bahima historically have close ties to the Cushites in the Tigray region in the horn of Africa.

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