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Rage as public accuses PM Robinah Nabbanja and Chief Whip Tayebwa of Nepotism

There are certain traits that will always be persistent in the African setting, and Uganda inclusive especially when it comes to public offices.

As from years ago, most public office occupants have always made it a habit to fill vacancies in the offices they run with close relatives and friends.

This is something very common and people have grown used to it and even coined a popular term from it as “Ani Akumanyi” loosely translated as who knows you especially if you are to get a job in the working spheres of Uganda.

This was the case with Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja and the Government Chief Whip Thomas Tayebwa who have filled key positions in their offices with close relatives.

According to a story run by the Daily Monitor over the weekend, Nabbanja and Tayebwa have filled their offices with more than five close relatives or biolpgical children at the expense of the workers who occupied the offices before.

This saw the figures come out to defend their stances on the matter in Parliament after the aggrieved parties forwarded their cases to the August house.

Nabbanja who has at least five close relatives two being her daughter said that her children are deserving and have been in the spheres even before she assumed office.

One of the PM’s daughters is hired as the senior liaison officer while the other one is office assistant/Minute Secretary in the Office of the Leader of Government Busines.

Nabbanja says the earlier daughter has been working around parliamentary circles as far back as 2016 and both are qualified.

The others ones are the cousin to the PM and wife to his brother.

Nabbanja did not deny the claims but said that being her children or close relatives doesn’t stop them from having the right to work if they have the right credentials.

“It is true I know the two children. You should ask about the rest to the Parliamentary Commission and the Clerk (to Parliament) because they know how they came to be working in Parliament. They are children of the Prime Minister, but they are entitled to work,” she said.

The PM then said that her daughters are not part of her political career and anyone wanting to see the other side of her should try to mess with her family and see her true colors.

For Mr Tayebwa’s case, he denied the allegations through a WhatsApp message telling them to look for the list because it’s only one person from his constituency that works in his office.

“Save me the madness bro. Go get the list of all my staff and ask where they come from. Only one is from my constituency. The rest are spread from all over the country,” Mr Tayebwa replied.

However when he was presented with the list he went AWOL without picking up calls.

Mr Chris Oboth Oboth Parliament’s Director of Communication and Public affairs said that these had decided to look for people who they felt were capable of helping them to meet their objectives.

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