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Police DNA confirms death of Mary Asio, Francis Onebe’s wife

Uganda Police released DNA results which confirmed the body that was retrieved from Francis Onebe’s home in Munyonyo as belonging to his wife Immaculate Mary Blessing Asio.

News circulated how Asio the CEO of Pentagon Security Services Limited went missing in January.

At the height of the drone abductions in the past election period, Onebe faulted the security agencies for abducting his wife.

However, a body that had close features to Asio was found in the septic tank of the couple’s home pulled down by stones in Munyonyo.

Yesterday 16th September 2021, the Police DNA report confirmed that the remains belonged to Mrs Onebe thus handing over the body to family members for burial.

“The DNA from the skeletons samples and that of the family members clearly matched. As a result, the remains of late Mrs. Immaculate Onebbe were handed over to her immediate family members for decent burial,” part of the Police statement read.

According to CID spokesperson Charles Twine, there was no second body discovered from the septic tank as rumoured saying that these were just Mrs Onebe’s other remains.

“The results from the team of medical examiner’s and pathologists, confirm that the bones recovered from the septic tank, are for one person and not two, as earlier indicated from the scene of crimes investigators. In addition, the bones were submitted for further forensic examination and scientifically identified as that of an adult female,” Twine said.

Police added that their major goal now is to discover how Mrs Onebe disappeared only to end up in a septic tank dead.

Mr Francis Onebe was arrested together with an alleged accomplice after the body was discovered but he insisted that he knew nothing about his wife’s death or how the body ended up in the septic tank.

Records further show that Onebe shortly after the disappearance of his wife filed a case of a missing person at Kabalagala Police Station.

He also visited various prisons in search of his wife but couldn’t trace her after saying she was allegedly kidnapped by security organizations in a Toyota Hiace (Drone).

Onebe also had CCTV footage that showed how his wife was abducted with a vehicle pulling up in front of her as she returned from a grocery store.

He also placed adverts for a missing person in various media outlets.

Police however later arrested the home’s former security guard and it was from his statements that Police decided to search the home only to discover the body in a septic tank.

Onebe also said that the body in the septic tank was.l not his wife’s which raised further doubts.

Further, the Police revealed that Onebe was planning to leave the country and this raised further doubts since the investigations are at a crucial point.

Security is now bent on discovering how Onebe’s wife disappeared allegedly by a drone, how she was killed and ended up in a septic tank plus the motive

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