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Hon Mathias Mpuuga reflects on his first 100 days in Office

Mukungwe-Nyendo MP Hon Mathias Mpuuga while appearing on NBS TV today 15th September 2021 has reflected on his first 100 days in office.

Mpuuga said that he’s trying to do what is feasible given the necessary resources and logistics.

He also said that when you assume such an office, the first important thing to do is to know the length and breadth of the office.

The former DP cadre said that attention is on him because he’s the leader of the opposition and from a young NUP party.

“Attention is on me because I am the Leader of Opposition and from a young party, NUP. I had to map the critical things at the beginning,” Mpuuga said.

The MP said that the first thing for him to do in order to execute his role was to identify a team to work with and he did this from the six Opposition parties.

Mr Mpuuga said that he has a competent team heading the four major accountability territories and this for him is very critical and important.

He further said that the public expects leadership from him as the LOP and therefore he has set his sights out on achieving the promises they made.

He also talked about his good working relationship with the NRM MPS so far saying that Parliament is structured.

“The workings of Parliament are different. Parliament is structured.

If you have a motion or bill, you have to go to the Speaker not come running to the floor of Parliament. work differently; my eyes are on the output. The Parliamentary platform is a different platform,” Hon Mpuuga added.

He also further talked of being prepared to say that his works are a result of preparedness and one doesn’t just wake up and change their character unless they are plastic which he is not.

Mpuuga is also aware of his limitations and strengths and how to navigate through them.

He then talked about the problems he’s facing with the opposition so far saying that these are challenges so far and not failures.

Mpuuga finally rallied the opposition to work together because the threats of the NRM are a threat to the future of the country entirely.

“This country is about the future of our children and grandchildren. The threats to NRM are equally threats to the other parties,” Hon Mpuuga concluded.

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