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Gulu has a government of its own – Ssemujju Nganda

A furious Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda came out yesterday 14th September 2021 to say how this country has degraded to the lowest ranks.

The FDC spokesperson who made the comments while appearing on the NBS TV Barometer show said that this country is run by different people who don’t even hold legal government positions.

He cited the example of Gen Salim Saleh in Gulu who is the Operation Wealth Creation coordinator on how he’s running a separate government of his in the North.

Ssemujju Nganda was also surprised by how Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba bailed the national basketball team in Rwanda from their dues yet his salary is less than Shs 5M.

“In Gulu, there is also a government. The hotels there are full of people seeking jobs and asking for money from Salim Saleh. Salim Saleh has no position in government, but everybody goes to Gulu to get money. Muhoozi rescued the national basketball team, yet his salary is less than UGX 5 million,” Hon Ssemujju Nganda said.

Former intelligence officer Charles Rwomushana also talked about the issue of Gen Saleh saying that there is State capture going on and Salim Saleh is part of the deep state.

The panellists also took time to discuss the issue of NUP declining to join the IPOD.

DP secretary general Gerald Siranda said that his party has the DNA of dialogue running through it’s veins reason they accepted to join IPOD .

This was all after NUP cited IPOD as a failed organization that was instituted to legitimize the NRM government.

Hon Ssemujju also said that the IPOD has not failed but the main ingredient who is Mr Museveni has failed it because he looks at bribing everyone who wants genuine dialogue.

“We are wasting time talking to NRM. IPOD has not failed. The main ingredient Yoweri Museveni thinks of giving money and jobs to those who genuinely want to dialogue,” Hon Ssemujju Nganda added.

Mukono Municipality MP Hon Betty Nambooze, on the other hand, said that President Museveni was one of the crops of leaders who was very charismatic and always left his audiences wowed but it’s no longer the case adding that government now sees its opponents as enemies.

“President Museveni was one of the new breeds of African leaders. Whenever he would go to Kenya and speak, they would go on holiday to listen to him. Today if he went, nobody listens. The government looks at those who don’t support it as enemies of the State, Hon Betty Nambooze said.

She added that President Museveni doesn’t want to be accountable to anyone.

She cited how he always refers to Ugandan oil as his oil adding that he wants to be the teacher, owner, the fighter and basically everything.

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