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Kiiza Besigye says government could be part of the Masaka murders

FDC former president Dr Col Kiiza Besigye has come out to say that the government could be part of the recent Masaka killings.

While appearing on the NBS TV Morning Breeze program, Besigye said that the government needs to be investigated over these murders.

Besigye also said that it could even be the aggrieved people trying to express their dissatisfaction through violence

“The state could be part of this (Masaka murders), but secondly, it could be aggrieved people expressing their grievances through violence. My first suspect would be the state; the second would be people with grievances caused by the state,” Besigye said.

He then said that it’s for this reason that they dragged President Museveni and his government to the ICC.

“We need to investigate. Government needs to be investigated. This is why we have taken the case of Uganda to ICC because criminals cannot investigate themselves,” Besigye added.

The four time presidential candidate said that there are a number of factors that have contributed to the different types and levels of insecurity in the country and therefore the current happenings are not something new.

Besigye further said that all the insecurity in the country has been brewed by Mr Museveni who has been specializing in violence even when he was still at University.

“Mr. Museveni, who has been in charge of this country for more than 35 years, formed his political consciousness around violence; even his thesis at the university was about violence in politics,” Dr Besigye talked about his former boss’ earlier days.

The FDC stalwart further said Mr Museveni’s regime was built on the narrative of creating fear and divisionism amongst people a tool he still employs up to now.

Besigye also said tht as long as Uganda is still under a military regime which translates every problem into a militaristic solution, nothing will ever change.

He said that nothing has been done deliberately for the good of public security but rather whatever is done security wise is for tightening the regime’s grip in power.

He pointed out the issue of street security cameras which he says have not served their right purpose.

“We spend millions of money on cameras but have they solved the issues? No. In fact, the issues have intensified.

We deprive the areas that are critical to these things that protect the regime,” Besigye submitted.

He concluded by saying that unlike when the first suppression was by colonial foreigners, this is done by Ugandans and Ugandans must join hands and do away with it.

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