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Ssemujju Nganda sides with NUP for declining to join IPOD

FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has come out to side with NUP for not joining the IPOD.

NUP a few days ago came out to write to the IPOD expressing their dissatisfaction on the way the organization is run as the major reason to why they won’t be joining it.

NUP further cited that the NRM uses it to legitimize it’s brutal and illegitimate rule.

According to Ssemujju Nganda while virtually speaking to NBS TV’s Morning Breeze program, he understands why NUP has declined to join IPOD because the organization has failed to realize it’s intended benefits.

“I feel sad that as a country, we have been unable to realize the intended benefits of IPOD. I can understand why NUP wouldn’t want to be part of the unending dialogue,” Hon Ssemujju said.

The Kiira Municipality added that all the things that were agreed upon by all the political party principles including Mr Museveni have not been realized.

The outspoken Opposition MP attributed all the failures of IPOD to the NRM and President Museveni as the ones who stifle its progress.

“All the avenues of talking to Mr. Museveni and his party are closing. He uses the China model, where you have to be running the ruling party and the opposition. From our experience, I can understand why NUP wouldn’t want to be part of what has become an academic exercise,” Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda added.

NUP further said that it’s open to dialogue and supports it 100% but their reasons for not joining IPOD are historical and contextual.

However the director of legal affairs in the NRM Oscar Kihiika said that membership in the IPOD is voluntary.

He added that the Opposition in Uganda has made it look like being not par with the government means defiance.

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