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President Museveni meets with Karamoja sub-region leaders

President Museveni yesterday 10th September 2021 met with leaders of the Karamoja sub-region amidst the rising cases of insecurity in the area.

It should be noted that rehabilitating the region has been one of the NRM’s long spoken achievements.

Therefore a return to the old dim days would heavily dent their achievements reason the President decided to take up the matter himself.

“I met leaders of the Karamoja sub-region to agree on the way forward regarding the resurging elements of insecurity in the area following a long spell of peace and stability ushered in through the efforts of the army under the NRM.” Mr Museveni revealed.

Gen Museveni added that however, these security threats don’t worry him much because they are easy to solve.

The President further said that UPDF is going to be beefed up in the area to end these threats and the rest of the crimes will be left to Police to solve.

“All these insecurities are easy to solve and UPDF will solve them. We are going to increase the capacity of UPDF in the area. What will remain now is a crime, which police must come in to resolve.” He added.

Mr Museveni further assured the area leaders that cattle raiding will be curbed with the employment of security drones.

“With raiding cattle, anybody who raids cows should be seen by our security drones especially when they are raiding on a big scale.” Mr Museveni concluded.

Insecurity has of recent become a big threat to the government and Ugandans at large especially with the recent Masaka murders.

Tensions among the public continue to rise as threats in different parts of the country continue to rise.

Different threatening letters have been dropped in different areas of the country.

Meanwhile, cattle rustling has once again become a threat in the Karamoja sub-region and the security forces had to redo disarmament in the region.

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