Former FDC president Dr Col Kiiza Besigye has denied having a personal grudge against his former boss turned nemesis, Museveni.

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June 18, 2024
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Besigye denies having a personal grudge against Museveni

Former FDC president Dr Col Kiiza Besigye has denied having a personal grudge against his former boss turned nemesis, Museveni.

The two former bush war heroes have some personal reasons between them originating from Kiiza Besigye’s wife Winnie Byanyima who was engaged to Museveni before according to the late Boniface Byanyima, Winnie Byanyima’s father.

Besigye says the only problem he has with Museveni is the way he has run the country adding that the President’s actions have led to mismanagement of the country.

The four-time presidential candidate said that Uganda does not belong to Museveni which means that every Ugandan reserves the right to speak about the wrongs and injustices that keep rising up every now and then.

He added that many people especially those in the government think that he’s fighting a personal war against the NRM boss.

Besigye said that true its war but on a national level and one for liberating the country where everyone is entitled to their rights and freedoms.

The Opposition politician added that even though the regime has targeted him personally with his family, he will never take matters into his own hands for the atrocities meted out on him.

According to Besigye, Mr Museveni should know that Ugandans are massively tired of him and therefore should have already thought of handing over power back to them before they push him out forcefully just like other authoritarian leaders on the Continent.

He cited the example of the Guinean President Alpha Conde who was recently overthrown by his military after changing the constitution so that he could run for a third term.

Besigye said that now Conde is regretting his actions and wishes if only he had not disastrously changed the constitution against the people’s will.

He, therefore, advised Museveni to learn from what has befallen previous dictators some of whom have been his friends.

Besigye told Museveni that he should step aside peacefully if he ever wants the future of Uganda to be stable.

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