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National Unity Platform refuses to join IPOD

Uganda’s biggest opposition party the National Unity Platform yesterday 9th September 2021 wrote to the Inter-party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) citing some irregularities in the way it is run.

NUP tasked the IPOD to recall a meeting they had back on the 26th of April 2021 with a representative from the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD).

NUP said that at that particular meeting, IPOD made an impassioned appeal to NUP to join the organization.

The Kamwokya based party appreciated the task of the IPOD reaching out and NIMD for sponsoring a forum that would otherwise be important in a very important democracy.

However, according to NUP, the IPOD has been instrumentalised by the regime which has no regard for human rights or rule of law to legitimize itself.

“Sadly for Uganda, the IPOD has been instrumentalized by the regime. It has been co-opted and used to legitimize a brutal government that has no regard or respect for democratic governance.” An excerpt of the letter to the IPOD read.

NUP added that the government uses IPOD for political gain which is far from the institution’s objective of “strengthening Uganda’s multiparty democracy.”

NUP further gave its reasons for not joining IPOD such as the most recent injustices meted out on it in the recently concluded general elections and what happened in the aftermath of the “cheated election.”

“Our nation has just come out of the most violent and irregular election in our history. Hundreds of our supporters have been abducted, tortured and murdered. To date, there are hundreds of political prisoners scattered in different gazetted and non gazetted detention centres, being subjected to all manner of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. The attack on civil society is at an all-time high. Political parties have been suffocated and denied the opportunity to do even the most basic mobilization activities.” Another part of the letter read.

The party also said that it had taken time to study the events that take place in the IPOD meetings and realized they are meaningless.

This is because the event was reduced to one cup of tea by the party principals and then a photo opportunity.

Furthermore, NUP said that serious discussions for the betterment of the country have been denied audience in the meetings of IPOD.

Therefore NUP is not willing and ready to join a movement that is used to advance the illegitimate activities of the ruling government.

The party however notified the IPOD that it will only join when the discussions are based on the utmost commitment to genuine dialogue centred on the principles of fairness, mutual respect, impartiality and transparency.

Therefore the party doesn’t wish to join the platform for now.

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