The FDC president Patrick Amuriat Oboi has announced today 9th September 2021 while appearing on NBS TV that the opposition is working to" />

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June 18, 2024
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Opposition is working on merging together- FDC’s Amuriat reveals

The FDC president Patrick Amuriat Oboi has announced today 9th September 2021 while appearing on NBS TV that the opposition is working to come together.

The former presidential candidate shockingly revealed that even some NRM section is working with them to come to a unanimous consensus about the Opposition.

He also said that there is no reason for always putting their business in the cameras.

“What we do in FDC is to work with the progressives in all political parties; NUP, DP, JEEMA, and even NRM.

We (opposition) are working on coming together as well; it’s not necessary to reveal what is going on behind the curtains.” Hon Amuriat announced.

He further said that as a party they are working hard and know when to appear in the media and when not.

Oboi was questioned why the party is so silent after having dominated the Opposition politics in the past few years.

He said that they are not silent at all because anyone who follows the party proceedings knows that it has weekly press briefings every Monday and is strongly concerned on what happens in the country.

He also said that the public should stop undermining the party because it’s still moving strong despite losing a number of key notable figures.

The FDC president also said that they never aspired to be the leading opposition party but rather the one leading the country on the expectations of Ugandans.

He also said that during campaigns, they told Ugandans that the government is full of liars and now the lies are being manifested through what’s being done.

It was from this point that he called upon all the opposition parties to unite and face their opponent without fear.

” Yesterday, it was FDC that was harassed. Today it’s NUP. This calls for unity in the Opposition because you can not tell who is next.

Opposition unity from top to bottom is very necessary. We need to sensitize the public on this. As political leaders in the Opposition, we need to know who we are dealing with and see how to address what’s happening without risking the lives of our people.” The FDC leader said.

This is something that has been sang by the opposition leaders for a very long time.

These were urged by their supporters before going into the 2021 general elections to have one uniform force but this was never achieved.

They seem to be their biggest opponents even before the equation of the government comes into play.

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