Uganda government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo yesterday 2nd September 2021 while appearing on the NBS Frontline program warned the leader " />

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Ofwono Opondo makes fun of the Opposition’s legislative agenda

Uganda government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo yesterday 2nd September 2021 while appearing on the NBS Frontline program warned the leader of opposition Mathias Mpuuga who was in the studio too that their recently launched Legislative Agenda will suffer a stillbirth.

The Opposition recently launched a Legislative Agenda containing their proposed manifesto in the 11th parliament.

This however hasn’t seated well with most government apologists who have trashed the document.

This was the case with Mr Ofwono Opondo who said that if the opposition wants to implement any of the contents of this agenda, then they should change the way they deal with the government.

Less of this, it won’t progress to any stage.

“The devil has brought them (opposition with the Legislative Agenda) to us. If they want to implement any of their Agenda, they must change how they deal with the NRM. I suspect that Mpuuga’s opposition Legislative Agenda is going to suffer a stillbirth.” Mr Opondo said.

Former Aruu County Mp Odonga Otto who was in the studio too however told the likes of Mr Opondo to embrace change and the ideas of opposition figures such as Hon Mathias Mpuuga.

Hon Otto however acknowledged that the change they are seeking for might be a bit far from now as he said that he had a rumor saying President Museveni will still be on the ballot paper in 2026.

Odonga Otto said that the opposition should therefore set their sights on 2030 but nevertheless for his case, he’s committed to fighting the regime to the last drop because he’s a principled man.

When another ruling government comes in place, he will make sure he’s part of it as he’s discovered that being in the opposition is a risky business.

On the same show, the panellists took time to address the Masaka murders.

Odonga Otto said that as someone from a wartorn area, he’s not surprised that insecurity survives in areas predominantly occupied by Opposition leaders.

“As someone from a war-torn area, where there is opposition, rebellion survives; like it was in Northern Uganda, Kasese, and now we have Masaka that is predominantly NUP, people are being cut.” Mr Otto said.

He however advised the people and leaders of Masaka to be very vigilant t because Government can’t police the whole country.

Otto said that leaders should avoid politicking because this will only make the matters worse by discouraging the efforts of security personnel.

Brig Flavia Byekwaso who is the UPDF Spokesperson chimed in saying that the security forces efforts might not be to the satisfaction of the people but they are surely trying all they can.

She however noted that because Masaka is an opposition stronghold, question marks will always arise in the commitment of the government.

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