As school stakeholders and the Ministry of Education and Sports are still looking for a way on how best to reopen schools amidst the COVI" />

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June 23, 2024
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National Drug Authority warns schools about the use of Covidex

As school stakeholders and the Ministry of Education and Sports are still looking for a way on how best to reopen schools amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, some sections suggested the use of the local herbal drug Covidex.

However, the National Drug Authority has come out to warn all those planning to use this drug that it could prove to be dangerous to use.

The idea was fronted by one of the stakeholders in a meeting between the National Private Institutions Association and the Ministry of Education.

This is one of the ways being looked upon as the country is still grappling with the lack of sufficient vaccines to enable learners go back to school.

However, according to Dr Abiaz Rwamwiri the NDA spokesperson, the use of Covidex has its own side effects and therefore should not be looked at as a solution to reopening schools.

“Covidex was approved not as prevention (prophylaxis) of the same and must be used on the advice of a professional health worker. Forcing children to buy it when they are not sick promotes unsafe drug use. We remind the public that drugs should not be treated as snacks.” Mr Rwamwiri said.

The education stakeholders bad suggested that Covidex could be adopted and used in case a student develops Covid 19 symptoms.

NDA added that the students may fall short of the standards required to store the drug which could, in turn, result in it becoming poisonous hence dangerous to their health.

“This proposal has significant safety implications relating to misuse, overuse, poor storage and unsupervised use of drugs. Drugs are sensitive in regard to how they are kept and used.” The NDA announced.

It should be recalled that the NDA a few months ago approved the use of Covidex as a support drug to viral intentions and not a cure for COVID 19 as had earlier been alleged by the manufacturer.

The Ministry of Health’s Scientific Advisory Committee on COVID 19 also said that it wasn’t advisory to administer the drug to children because there is less research about the repercussions.

The Ministry of Education also refuted the claims saying those spreading the news are only giving the public false hope.

“Before the [Education] ministry comes out and says these are the guidelines, do not listen to those rumours and wrong information…with Covid, everybody has an idea to contribute but all have to be discussed and be validated before they can be considered as strategies.” The Ministry of Education announced.

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