Hon. Rose Namayanja the national treasurer of the ruling NRM has come out to say that the government is yet to find out the motive behind" />

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June 23, 2024
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Rose Namayanja: Government knows no motive behind the Masaka Murders

Hon. Rose Namayanja the national treasurer of the ruling NRM has come out to say that the government is yet to find out the motive behind the gruesome murders in the Masaka sub-region. She made the comments while appearing on NBS TV on the 1st of September 2021.

The situation in the Masaka sub-region has put both locals, the entire population, leaders and security forces on tenterhooks as to why the people carrying out these murders are up to.

Namayanja said that this is a tragedy that took everyone by surprise but she added that the government has asked the security forces to identify the motive.

“The Masaka murders are a tragedy. Some families will never be the same again because of those murders. It is something that took us by surprise. What I am sure about is this shall be overcome. We have asked the security agencies to identify the motive behind these murders and why Masaka. This is the third wave in the same area.” Hon Namayanja said.

She also disagreed with the reports that the government has ignored the situation.

Ms Namayanja said that ever since security beefed up and vigilance heightened in the region, there has been a huge improvement.

However, Bugiri municipality Mp Hon Asuman Basalirwa who was in the studio disagreed saying that the government hasn’t given the situation the priority it deserves.

He added that the government might still be looking for the motive but people are still dying.

Namayanja however said that finding out the motive of the killers is as important as the security itself.

Hon Basalirwa again said that one of the security revelations they got to know in Parliament was that the Police in Masaka lacks the necessary equipment.

He wondered why this is so yet parliament does the appropriation of funds.

Namayanja said however that it’s not that government is clueless about the murders, but rather they are taking the whole situation process by process just like court proceedings.

She also said the Shs 10M announced to be given to the victims is not to pay for the dead people but rather condolences from the government.

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