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Mathias Mpuuga disappointed in Government over Masaka killings

The leader of opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga has come out to express his disappointment in the government over the way it’s handling the Masaka sub-region murders.

The Mp who also hails from the same area representing Nyendo-Mukungwe said that no government minister or official has come out to the region to talk to the people and explain what is going on and what’s being done to curb the murders.

“Thirty days of killings and not a single minister has come to Masaka to speak to the people speaks volumes. I want the ministers to come and explain the statements coming out of the security forces in this area.” The MP said.

The Mp further showed his disappointment over the statements in the news from the security forces who are accusing the people of being behind the orchestrations of these murders.

Mr Mpuuga said that when security starts accusing people, then they are left with no choice but to withdraw their cooperation and support and work the people themselves.

He added that these killings are very regrettable and he thinks this is the time leaders of different parties plus security organizations should be working together to apprehend the culprits.

Further, he said that people’s complaints are clear because they don’t see any security stationed in their area despite their constant cries.

“The complaints in the community are clear. They don’t see the physical presence of the security forces. I believe this country has the capacity to cordon off these areas at night and do proper intelligence gathering.” Hon Mpuuga added.

Yesterday Masaka RCC Fred Bamwine however said that security has been boosted over the past months with many police stations being built up.

He however blamed the residents for defying curfew which he says has contributed to these murders.

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