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Joel Ssenyonyi proposes for Bobi Wine to camp in Masaka over killings

As the country is still in shock with unanswered questions over the heinous spate of killings of people going on in the Masaka sub-region, Nakawa East legislator Joel Ssenyonyi thinks his party president Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu could do a miracle by camping there.

Ssenyonyi said that the murders have been as a result of laxity among the security forces. The MP said that when it comes to deploying security forces to suppress opposition leaders, the government does it so quickly and swiftly.

However it’s a different case when it comes to ensuring the safety of citizens. He therefore thinks maybe Kyagulanyi camping in Masaka will see government deploy heavily in the region which would in turn bring down the number of murders.

“The killings in Masaka have been on for over a month. These assailants actually notify people of the areas they are going to raid and do. For me, it’s the laxity of security forces in the country. I was having a chat with Hon. Kyagulanyi that maybe he should go and camp in Masaka for some days, you will see the amount of security deployed.” Ssenyonyi said while appearing on the NBS Morning Breeze program today 30th August 2021.

The Masaka murders keep on soaring with each day that goes by with the number above 25 now.

President Museveni in the past has bragged about how he wiped out the first wave of terror in the region in 2018.

A new reign of terror however seems to have taken over and answers are yet to be provided.

The NUP spokesperson also took some time to shed light on their legislative agenda they recently launched in parliament.

This was after fellow panelist Major Okwir Rabwoni trashed the agenda saying that there is nothing new about it.

“I don’t think there is anything new in the Opposition Legislative Agenda. I scanned through the document and what I saw is they are raising matters of implementation. We want them to unpack it so that we study it bit by bit.” Major Rabwoni said.

He however commended them for the work they are doing saying they are young, have come with force and vigor which is good for democracy.

Major Rabwoni further said that his disappointment with this legislative agenda is that it only focusses on Kampala unlike the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) it’s trying to copy.

Ssenyonyi however disagreed with the Major saying that MPS move to their constituencies only that government apologists are always looking for opportunities to castigate them.

“We don’t need to embarrass the government. It embarrasses itself. It is also not true to say that MPs are only in Kampala. Legislators go to their constituencies every weekend. Personally, I was in my constituency this weekend.” Hon Ssenyonyi further said .

Mr Ssenyonyi added that this legislative agenda is not only NUP based but opposition based because it was put together by the leader of opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga who has a team of MPs from different opposition parties.

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