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April 14, 2024
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Former Vice President Prof Gilbert Bukenya reveals why he quit active politics

Former Vice president Prof Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya has today come out to reveal why he quit active politics and being so vocal in the NRM.

Mr Bukenya a few years ago enjoyed the status of being the second most powerful man in the country but not anymore.

While appearing on the NBS Morning Breeze program today 26th August 2021, Prof Bukenya said that there are moments of silence and noise.

He made the noise and now it’s time for him to be silent but assured Ugandans that the “Mahogany” as he was commonly referred to is still standing.

Talking about transition, the former VP said that it’s a thing of the inevitable because everyone has a day they are born and the day they will die.

Therefore a country has to prepare itself for the inevitable death that has to come but said a peaceful transition maintaining what President Museveni has put in place is what everyone should be yearning for.

Bukenya added that he doesn’t know what is going on in Mr Museveni’s mind but he must be thinking of a transition too.

“We have a very strong leader in President Museveni. I don’t know what is in his mind because we don’t talk much, but he must be thinking about a transition.” Prof Bukenya said.

Mr Bukenya further noted that for a transition however to occur, there has to be a successor and leader to shape the good governance.

Short of that, there is no point in talking about transition.

Mr Bukenya however noted that the NRM is slowly losing it’s grip because it has become entrenched by the wrong characters.

“The NRM I knew was a humble party, a mass party organizing for the whole country. A party that was in discussion and not fighting. We were actually grooming leaders. That is suddenly sliding away into arrogance. I was shocked that there was violence in the last election. When I saw that, I withdrew. I had never seen the NRM fighting.” The former VP said.

He also talked about the mafias in government saying when he talked about them while still in power, he was ignored.

He’s however surprised to hear everyone now taking on the topic before saying that these are dangerous and will eradicate anything standing in their way to achieve what they want.

Bukenya also talked about President Museveni’s recent security address saying that he must have been detached from what was actually happening.

He also cautioned the new PM Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja to be careful about these mafia groups.

Mr Bukenya also talked about the so-called Muhoozi project saying that if the first son moves step by step, then there is no reason why he isn’t eligible to run for the highest office.

However, Mr Bukenya cautioned the government saying the opposition this time might bring it down to it’s toes because it doesn’t look like a joking institution before crediting the leader of the opposition, Matthias Mpuuga.

He concluded by saying that people of his calibre are quitting politics because it has become more violent than just a convincing exercise.

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