Former UPC president Olara Otunu has come out to weigh on the impending arrival of Afghan refugees in the country.

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July 18, 2024
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Olara Otunu says Afghan Refugees are being sent to undemocratic countries

Former UPC president Olara Otunu has come out to weigh on the impending arrival of Afghan refugees in the country.

It should be noted that Afghan Nationals started fleeing the country after the Taliban militants took over the capital, Kabul.

Otunu while appearing on the Morning Breeze program on NBS TV today 24th August 2021 said that these people are only being sent to undemocratic countries.

“It appears to me that the governments being approached to host the Afghan evacuees are the undemocratic ones.” The former presidential candidate said.

Otunu also said that Uganda has been one of the most hospitable countries and the spirit should be maintained.

He said that the issue of refugees is one of distress where Ugandans should stand in solidarity for humanitarian causes as she has always done.

He however said that because it’s helping, it doesn’t mean that the issue shouldn’t be debated about.

Through the debates, it’s when the hosting Nationals know what’s taking place and transparency should therefore be key.

Otunu also said that these people who are coming are not refugees but rather evacuees who have been supporting the US government.

It’s therefore important for Ugandans and the government to probe and analyze the available capabilities and preparedness to receive these refugees.

He however wondered where the money that has always been received alongside these refugees goes.

He then added that in some instances the situation of refugees is better than the one of the citizens.

“I am glad Uganda has accepted many people from the neighbouring countries. My concern, however, is a lot of money has come into the country in regard to helping the refugees. This money has time and again gone missing. The other challenge is that in some areas, the standards of living of the refugees is way better than the locals.” Otunu said.

The lack of transparency on the impending arrival of these refugees is what is triggering negative sentiments according to Otunu.

Furthermore, he said that Uganda is a small country already hosting over 1.5 million refugees, she should therefore not be burdened with the lion’s share.

These refugees should therefore be taken up by different countries.

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